Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tart Tin Christmas Ornaments And The Christmas Altoid Tin Swap

These are the ornaments I made
for my mom's Christmas tree
this year.

Below is the tin that I made
for Wendy's Christmas Tin Swap
It was a lot of fun
These never turn out as planned
but still..I am pretty happy with
I even managed to get it out on

This afternoon we are off
to get our Christmas Tree
(at last)
I feel like a little girl
full of excitement.
Can not wait to decorate it!!
Have a lovely day!!!


  1. Lemay, Your ornaments & the tin are darling. You did a wonderful job! Have fun getting/decorating that tree. Hope you'll share photos. Charlene

  2. Lemay wow I love it... wendy is going to love it... so clever how you put the tin on it's side..... who'd thought an tin could look so good.... thank you for taking part. Can I borrow the photo for the showcase? Hugs wendy


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