Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Have Any Of You Noticed I Can't Seem To Make Up My Mind
As you can tell I have been
playing with my blog this week.
Many of you know that in the
beginning of my blog my friend Jill
designed my header and page.
This year has been so fun
and full of growth for me
Now I feel the time has come
to design my own headers and page...
Or at least
So keep bearing with me as I
experiment and play and try
to find my own style.
Eventually it will look the way
I keep seeing in my minds eye.
(Now there might be a scary sight!)
This funny image above is from Bianca at
Magic Moonlight Free Images
She has so many beautiful images of
women and children.
Coloring pictures has become
my new evening pass time.
Have a great Week!!!

1 comment:

  1. Dear lemay... hear my thought form last year in my head ... I changed my christmas header three times until I found what I wanted ...I love what you have done...Hugs wendy


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