Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Trivia Question And Fun Giveaway From Leaping Frog Designs

Over lunch this afternoon
my husband and I happened to be
going thru some fun
Christmas Trivia questions
and out of the blue he says
You should post some of these
on your blog..They are fun
I swear..No matter how
many times this man drives me
round the bend...just as many times
he has these flashes of brilliance.
I am going to post a question
and do a giveaway at the same time
I know several of you will get the
question right...
So..For the ones who get the
right answer
I will put all of you into a
Christmas hat
and draw out the winner.
What is the prize
I bet you are asking...
One of my Leaping Frog Designs
Inspiration packs.
Filled with ephemera and cool
images for your designing pleasure.
Here is the question:
What Christmas bribe does
Ralph give his teacher in
The Christmas Story?
I am going to leave this open until Sunday evening
around 6 I think.
So leave your comments
Or your answer...
Leave me your email address also
or if you don't want to do that
email me with it..I have a link
on my sidebar.
Let the fun begin!!!


  1. My answer is a huge fruit basket!:)

  2. oh I love this movie so very much!!!! the answer is a large fruit basket...
    Hugs Karla

  3. Nice giveaway!!!
    The answer is a big fruit basket...isn't it?



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