Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Time To Catch Up Halloween Finish And A Trip To Walmart

Well as if you didn't already know
It is November at last....
Hopefully I am not the only one
ready to put Halloween away
so that I can move on to
I said it
Already the ornaments are
coming out
and I have started to
decorate my studio
There...I said it
My sister can howl at me
When I was growing up...
being the eldest
I got it in my head that we could not put
up any Christmas Ornaments
or have any Christmas music
until after Thanksgiving
My family for some reason
let me get away with it...
Go figure.... soon as
dinner was off the table
my sister would dive into
the Christmas supplies stashed
in my parents kitchen
in one special spot
First thing out
The wall music box.
My mother and her sisters
would sit around the table
talking and laughing...
and my sister and I would
scrabble about
Christmas decorations
coming out too early.
Time flies...
Now that I am an adult
so way past childhood it isn't funny
I feel like a little kid.
Halloween is over
time is short.
I want my Christmas Decorations out
But first...
I have to show you what
has come in the mail the last week.
Hosted an Altered Tin Swap in September
If you go to her site you can see all the
wonderful and delightful creations
from the participants
Here is some pictures for you
of the tin my sweet partner
Lisa sent me.
I love the little swinging Owl

Thank you so much for the
ATC and Hanging Art

I loooove them

Last but not least..
and I know this has been a very long
post today...
Tee Hee!
Christmas Decorations!
Look what I found today.

OMG!...The Butterflies
have soo many possibilities
Now I am off to do a bit
of decorating!!!
I will have ornaments to
show you in a couple of days

1 comment:

  1. OMG I need some of thoes butterfly wings... thanks for the tip ... don't tell anyone else and hopfully there will be some left for me LOL......
    and I'm not even going to comment on the christmas decorating..Mr. husband asked if i was putting them up today... Really! no way crazy man....


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