Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holiday Visits And Christmas Tree Decorating

We got a little bit of a late start getting our Christmas tree this year...but at last on Sunday we made it out to our favorite tree lot and cut our petite Noble Fir.  My hubby with a small bit of prodding had it up in no time...and (I laugh at this) after I started putting the lights on myself got into the spirit and finished them for me...This is our ritual every year...and after 23 Christmas's together it never changes.  My lights are on...crystal garlands strung and the vintage and antique ornaments are just starting to go on. 

My Sister-in-law Jodie has a divine collection of Christmas trees.  She starts bringing them out right after Thanksgiving.  Every nook and cranny is Christmasized.  Tiny lights twinkle...mercury glass glows.  Tinsel trees, feather trees, large trees, small trees,  glass trees, paper trees....(Oh..and shoe trees)   It is a wonderland.  These pictures are just a few...I am hoping to take more pictures on our next visit soon (I am also so very  lucky we live pretty close together)

Tomorrow is baking husband is home on I am going to put him to work as a baking elf.....Sweet dreams everyone

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  1. Your trees in the photos are beautiful!!! I LOVE real trees but, everyone in our family is allergic to real ones. Every yer someone was at the doctors office until we figured this out! Good for you putting the baking elf to work. YUM homemade Christmas goodies. Nothing better! HUGS!


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