Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Few Of My Favorite Things From Christmas

                                                                                   Christmas was pretty darn nice this year...A slightly smaller gathering than usual at my parents home.  Some
of the family is out of state, some out of country.  Maybe next year we can all
     come together again. that as it was.  It was wonderful being
     with my parents, sister, Aunts and Uncle..cousins..  The Picture above is of
     three things I recieved as gifts this year and I just had to share with you.
     The Book is from my parents...(really my dad) who is 79 and my original
     estate sale...garage sale...antique teacher.  He took me and my sister with
    him  We both learned very fast what we liked to c ollect.  This
    beautiful book published in 1958 is about African Sculpture.  It just
    happens to be a discard from the exact same Jr. High School my sister
    and I attended.  He did not even realize it when he found it at a sale.
    The gold filled bracelet is from my parents also.  Another garage sale
    find over the summer (my parents have such easy daughters...and they
   spoil us rotten often with their treasure finds)  I don't know what the
    stones are...but when I tried it on I just gasped.  My dad got the
   The beautiful intricate mother of pearl and sterling pin is from my
   husband...I had pointed it out to him earlier in the year....That man
   has great follow through.   Anyway...The best part of the last two days
     is the extra time spent with family...

                                            Two little houses sitting on Jodies plant shelf
                                       Another beautiful treasure on Jodies shelf
                                                                Glowing Light Ball

                                                    Vintage Resin Christmas Tree
                                                       With LED Light inside
                                          Beautiful Christmas Ornaments made
                                               By My Sister In Law Jodie

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