Friday, May 13, 2011

Amazing Friday Garage Sale Discoveries

Wow...It has been such a beautiful day today.
The plan was to work on the Junkin Gypsies note cards for the store.
Then take my son to my folks
so he can mow their lawns (his summer job)
So...As Jordan slept in (cause I am a softy mom and there was no
school today) I had coffee and worked on the
cards.  Getting them assembled so that
Jill can take pictures.
I just snapped a few so that I could show them off here.
Tomorrow they will be in the Junkin Gypsies Etsy store...

They are all Jill's original artwork
I really love her art and these cards are like little paintings.

So while Jordan was mowing the lawns
my dad suggested some garage sales around the
neighborhood I might be interested in. 
Oh Yep Yep
Now don't I keep saying.  No More Books!?
Ack...It is my addiction
today I found something so fantastic for a moment
I could not believe it was for sale.
A  log book
for Columbia Harbor No. 22
Leather bound...12 inches x 20 inches
With the name Alice Mae Endicott on the front
The first 38 pages have been removed..And the rest of the log 398
pages are empty.
There is some writing in the back for a wedding
It is too big to tomorrow in the sunlight I will take pictures of it.
It amazed me that I got it for a buck.
A young man moving and selling everything...many of his books
looked like family books. Another one I got there was

from 1905...Engineering Drawing.  I scanned a couple of pages to share
And last
A book on Aubrey Beardsley
This was a fantastic find...I have always liked Beardsley's work
but have never explored him.
This book is too large to scan this image
is a bit crooked. 
So...Yes..more books. 

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