Sunday, January 6, 2013

Vintage Button and Sewing Notion Collection From Leaping Frog Designs

Sometime in early October
as I was sifting  through
eBay one evening
I came  across a button
that intrigued me.
Rather large, made of metal
it was part of a larger lot.
I placed a bid and went 
along my merry way.
7 days later in my inbox
the message that I had "Won"
my lovely button and
her sisters.
I have plans for that button...It is going to 
be my master for one done
in silver with tiny fresh water
pearls from the Willamette River
Was I ever surprised by what came with it.
Beautiful beautiful buttons
Glass, lovely Victorians, Bakelite and
Mother of Pearl.
Rhinestones, Silver, Brass, Gold
Button heaven
Buckles of several eras and
Some beautiful packages
of needles
I love the wood needle case and
when I slip my fingers into
the thimbles I can just
imagine the hours and hours
of mending or dress making
they had helped make.

There are many more items
that I did not take pictures of
Tiny perfume boxes filled with little
shell buttons, another filled with
needles and pins.
A true treasure trove.
Some of these pieces may
make it into other projects.
For now they have found a new
home with me. I will cherish them
for years to come.


  1. Sewing notions make beautiful displays and are quite addictive,I find. :) Your framed art looks lovely.

  2. What a wonderful surprise to get all those treasures! Have fun playing.


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