Monday, March 19, 2012

Hand Writing From A Real Treasure 1830 Victorian Scrap Album Plus Images

A few months ago I purchased a huge 50 pound
box of ephemera on EBay.
One of the items listed was a Victorian
Scrapbook dating from 1830's thru
So I bid and won.
It came...(I thought the mailman
was going to have a mini stroke
getting it out of his truck)
The box is full of amazing-wonderful
And the scrapbook
Had I really been paying attention
I would of been able to get both halves.
The seller split the book.
As it is my half is huge.
The size of a large leather ledger
and has pages and pages and pages
(sorry but it is true)
of poetry...musings..
Etchings..I have just started
to explore it and scan it.
Watch for more in the coming weeks.
The first entry is from London 1836


  1. wow you must be overjoyed.......hope you can store it x

  2. How fun, a peek into a past life always fascinates me.


  3. I think I will move into your house and help you with your emphemera...I will bring my own coffee!

  4. Hi LeMay!
    I tried to contact you through your etsy shop but I'm not sure if you received my message. You needed my email address for the giveaway, so maybe this will work better
    ; )

    Karen Hess


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