Wednesday, September 7, 2011

At Last I Finished A Project My New Old Bulletin Board Jewelry Display

Several months ago when my whole
studio re design started one of the first things
I noticed missing was a bulletin board. to Goodwill I went and found a great one
for just a few dollars.
It had a natural wood frame and nice
very good thick piece of cork for the base.
It was ugly tho.
I spray painted the frame white
Tee Hee...And...As usual was not thinking
and over sprayed on to the cork a little bit.
In hindsight I just should of sprayed the cork white also
but I didn't so that is just the
way it was.
I got some gigantic nails from my husband (he was out
of town so let me tell you that
was an adventure in his garage I don't
want to re-do) Lol..The nails I found
and used are huge.
But again..No worries because in the end I plan
on repainting anyway.
This is what the first version of my board looked
And it ended up just collecting some random stuff.
Kind of a junk board

Not so great....

So...This last weekend I got a bee in my bonnet
to re work the board.
All the elements had come together.
I had the fabric...It finally hit me how to finish the
wood so it wasn't so woody
and at the last minute I was fiddling around with
using some vintage crochet to edge the board
when the white cord showed up at the bottom of the drawer.
My whole idea changed as I started to add the cord.

as you can see.
( that old medal on the board-I used that to push my
pins in...silly me)
I have a huge personal jewelry collection
and have never displayed any of it.
A mannequin would be so great...
but honestly there is no room
As I was adding the cord and looping the last
of it into a cool coil vine thing...
It hit me...The perfect display
for all my pins and earrings.
Shout of Joy

I will still be able to grab one to wear
when I want..
But now..I can see all of them
(Are you laughing--OK honest)
(I can see SOME of them)
This is only a few I had laying on my work table
Part of what I like to do is work with items I have
on hand...I could of run out and bought a new board
new fabric, new cord all to match.
But I was raised by frugal parents
and I consider it a real challenge to use what
is on hand to create something useful and hopefully
good looking...
Over the next few weeks I am going to delight in
adding more pieces to this display..At night with my
little area lamps I can tell already it will sparkle and glow.
Thanks for letting me share it with you.


  1. Lemay, Great Job! I had to laugh at the image of you in the garage looking for nails. I CAN SO RELATE!!! My hubby's garage would frighten the bravest of souls! Heaven's forbid he clean it up... What is the lure of digging for things? HUGS!


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