Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Gift Of Christmas

Today my family and I went for a little visit out to the country side of our  family...(we are the townies)...My sister-in-law and her husband live on a sweet piece of property just south of town.  A lovely Oak tree covered hill filled will soft mosses, ferns and fairy folk.  Jodie (my sister-in-law)  is a true keeper of Christmas.  Walking into her home this time of year is a delightful  experience.  She has just started pulling out her wonderous (and very large)  collection of mini  Christmas trees.  By Thanksgiving...... I expect the house to be aglow with tiny  lights and sparling ornaments.  Visiting her home really makes me feel in the spirit.  One of the things Jodie loves to do is make Christmas ornaments for all her friends and family.  Every year a new one.  This year.....she took me into her work room to show me the newest  edition.  I was like a puppy...I just could not wait to unpack the basket and see what she had created.  Beautiful large hanging ornaments.  They are two sided on thin foam board.  I just love them.  Lucky me..... she let me pick out 3 to bring home.

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