Monday, September 27, 2010

It's been a busy Monday

It seems like today has flown by in a whirlwind....My sweet husband has recently refurbished a Laptop for me and so I am mobile.  Oh boy...little did he know...First I headed over to Jill's house (Feathers and Flight) for some fun brainstorming.  We had to do a little shopping of course, I needed a few boxes to decorate for my Etsy shop and we went on a wild goose chase for crepe paper.  Luckily I have some sheets of crepe paper here in my own studio so Jill can finish her project.  So, after our shopping we went back to Jill's to set her up on Etsy.  I just can not wait to see what wonderful and magical things she is going to post there in her new store.  Time to pick up kids from school...husbands home...dinner to make.  Where did this day go?

I have started scanning from my huge collection of antique books, postcards, music, lace, and am offering free images for you.  All I ask is you please leave me a comment.  I hope you enjoy them and as I add to my collection they will be organized (she says with crossed fingers).

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