Monday, November 15, 2010

A Few Words About My Blog Designer

Last week I had a really good question from Charlene      .  She asked me how I got my Good Friends button so large.  Well gals.  I have a confession.  My best friend Jill (aka Polly)  is my blog designer.  She got me started blogging just a couple of months ago...and has been patiently leading me along in designing my blog and re-designing my etsy storefront.  I tell you...Jill is a remarkable woman.  She is becoming the most amazing digital artist....Please stop by her blog and see her beautiful work.  She also has the patience of a saint...I vaguely tell her something I want...or am thinking about and she works her magic. 

  I think Jill and I are sooo fortunate to be living in the same city right now.   We have lived apart in different countries for a while...Then went years with out talking (babies, husbands, careers, ego)..(Let me tell you not talking to your best friend for years is no fun thing)  .... Right now we are trying to have a "design" day once a week...the last few have been so hectic that we haven't made it..(We have had fun shopping and junking, and watching football).  I am hoping nothing gets in the way for us this

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  1. You are Very Sweet Dear Friend!!I Feel the Same Way!


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