Friday, November 12, 2010

Black Lace In Paris Vintage Czech Button Necklace

When I saw this lacy black vintage Czech button I knew what I wanted to do with it. A touch of Paris, a small heart locket (never to forget love) and vintage black cut glass beads to accent this lovely button.
On a 19 inch lovely chain...Arrives to you in a beautiful little gift box


  1. I am sooooooooooooooo mad at myself because I was watching an auction for black & gold buttons just like these. In trying to multi task... I clicked PUBLISH to the post I had just written & clicked over to bid on the auction... ONLY TO SEE IT END right in front of my eyes. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    But, I adore what you did with this one. That reminds me... I need to do a post to show you my glass buttonsGorgeous! Have a great weekend. Charlene

  2. I forgot to ask you but, HOW did you get the (Good Friend)button on your sidebar so big? I copied it from Jill (like she said we could) but, it's small on my sidebar.

  3. Absolutely Beautiful May!!!! Wonderful!! Love it!!
    XOXOXO Jill


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