Friday, January 13, 2012

The Story Behind My New Blog's Button

After going to all the work of making
the new blog button for my newest
Leaping Frog Designs
Vintage Images
I thought I would give
you some history on the picture
I have picked.  I know
she is not the most beautiful woman in
the world.
In fact in our family
we consider her a little bit hmm
This is my Great Auntie Mi
As A child my father
could not say her name.
so he gave her the name
that truly stuck with her
her whole life.
Auntie Mi
She was an amazing woman..
In fact her whole family
and as time goes on I will
be posting pictures of
Auntie Mi wanted to be
an actress.
And her love for the
dramatic is in all the
photo's we have of her.
This photo was made into a post card
when I was young and sold
all over the country
by a local company.

Here is another for you.
Relatives from a long lost era.

If you are looking for
vintage images for
your projects
check out my newest
I know it is a long
address but
it will be worth
the visit.


  1. Looks great..I hopped over there right away! Good luck, I'm now a follower. I LOVE vintage images. Can't get enough of them. Thank you so much!

  2. That's so cool. looks like she made a name for herself with the postcards! Looking forward to seeing more!
    Hugs Lynn


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