Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Flowers And Gardens Of Japan

Yesterday...While I was out running a couple of errands
my travels took me past my favorite book store
in Eugene.
Saint Vincent DePaul
I don't know if they do this in every city..but here in Eugene
they are book central.  One whole section of their
resale stores are devoted to books...Sigh
I always tell myself..No!!!! You have to stay away from the books!
But it never works...You all know it.
Yesterday's treasure was...
The Flowers And Gardens Of Japan
Painted By Ella Du-Cane
Described by Florence Du-Cane
I can not find a publication date in it except that there is
a name inside and the date 1917
Not only are there the most beautiful illustrations of the gardens and flowers
but Florence's writing makes you feel as if you
are strolling beside her as she walks the gardens..Telling you stories
and the history of Japan and her flowers
I love it.
In my own garden..Iris are blooming..Wisteria too.  So I had to share
these images with you today.

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