Friday, June 3, 2011

How Old Is Your Rolling Pin?

This afternoon
I picked up my rolling pin
and realized someone (?) had put
her away with some sticky stuff
all down one side
Does a rolling pin have a side? hmmm
As I ran her under warm tap water
her history came back to me

I used to live in this little tiny house
on the south west end of Eugene
One afternoon I noticed lots of people driving by...
being as curious as a cat
I went to see...An Estate sale!
I wandered around all through the house...and the
one thing that caught me was this rolling pin.
It was pretty expensive
for back then...
20 bucks
back in 1984
She glowed...and I knew that she had to come home with me
As I went to buy her...I started talking to the woman
who's sale it was.  I found out that the rolling pin
had been made in 1918 by her grandfather
we talked for some time
and when it was time to pay
she gave it to me.
I was shocked
But oh so happy.
This rolling pin is almost 100 years old.
As I held her in my hands today...feeling how
smooth her surface is...
generations of women and possibly men
rolling out pie crust's and
Feeding the ones they love

I am happy to have her in my kitchen
I hope I have a grandchild someday to pass this
on too.  Ha ha...
my boy does not seem
to like rolling pie crust. 

 I think if taken care of she
has another 100 years of good work left in her.

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