Thursday, June 9, 2011

Clip Art Jewelry Ads From 1889 Harper's Magazine

Some fantastic Silver and jewelry ads to
share with you this Friday

from my Harper's Magazine Collection

From Little Pictures Of Japan
These two fantastic poems
That  brought to my mind how spring has
been here this year.
I found this fantastic book two days
ago when Jill and I went to
one of my favorite used book stores
Saint Vincent De Paul

Have a fantastic Friday everyone!!!


  1. Great images!!!! Thanks for sharing. I tried to go visit Cattara's Magikal World (from the button on your sidebar) & it is closed to other readers (you must be invited I guess) Looks interesting what's it all about? Hope you have a great weekend! Charlene

  2. Gorgeous, Gorgeous images!! Thank you so much for sharing them Lemay!!
    Have a lovely week~
    Carol Anne

  3. I love these. Thanks so much. I am hoping to do a "Sewing" themed collage and will put them in there .... someday. sandra


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