Thursday, May 26, 2011

Look At What I Made Jill Today A Scrap Paper Storage Solution

I am certain that Jill and I are not the only two people
out there who are constantly wondering
What on Earth do I do with All this Scrap Paper?!!
It just keeps adding up...Overflowing baskets, bins, file folders.
This week as I was making a concentrated effort to purge the second floor
landing of my accumulated (junk) treasures The Martha Stewart Living
Magazines bit the big one...As I sorted thru them one last time
I came across one of her craft projects.
Envelope books. was like a light bulb went off in my head.
Puuuurfect solution to those pesky project scraps....
or even accumulating pieces for a project.
After hunting down some really bright Martha Stewart Paper Tape
I was set to go...The instructions call for book binding tape
but since I was impatient to make a couple of these
the paper tape was what was used.  It works really well
so far...Once I find some binding tape it will be interesting to compare.
Anyway....Off to my favorite Goodwill for envelopes.
My favorite clerk there Eva is always raising her eyebrows at me....
What on earth am I up to
So..after sorting out 10 envelopes that are all the same size I set to work
shading them a little, and adding a punch so that the pouch can
be identified...
Next I bound them all together with the tape (ha...Yes I know the tape color
does not go with the whole project at all...but you should see
the rest of them in the  pack.)
Cut a piece of card stock for the outside, scored it with my bone folder
so that it formed a book...taped all that together.
The image on the front is one of Jill's newest creations.
She is edged in gold and has gold highlights on her crown and jewelry.
Next a few of my calling cards tucked in for fun.
I think I am going to add some stamping on the inside and back
flap.   This is pretty simple to do, and I left the outside mostly undecorated
because I think they will be handled quite a bit
So I did not want bits and pieces to be falling off here and there.
I plan on making about a dozen to have on hand for projects.
Hopefully I will get it to her tomorrow. We have
a craft day planned...But
My new printer arrives tomorrow and I want to
be here to get it.  (Yeah!!!! a new printer)
Don't worry...there is nothing
wrong with your computer...I added a watermark to
Jills image


  1. What a great idea!!!!!!!!! I think you are right about we ALL HAVE THE SCRAPS......... And I think this is perfect. THANKS for sharing! I wish I could come play with you & Jill!!!!

  2. Oh Lemay! Excellent Idea!!! Thank you! you are the Greatest!


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