Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Weekend Beautiful Black And White Images

I am a little late
on the ball this year.
I have a whole file full
of beautiful mother images
and somehow time
slipped by me so fast.

Sunday is Mother's Day
My plan is to spend it with my
Mother and Dad
Husband and Son
We are going to make
her lunch
and work on the landscaping
around the house.

My mom has been unable to
do many of the things she loves
this last year.  Walking is very hard
for her and it has
taken her to a very depressed
I find I miss
the woman she was very much
and she does too.

But I feel so fortunate
in many other ways...
She is still here
with us..Still able to
offer wisdom and love
a shoulder to cry on
a recipe or a laugh.

The picture above reminds me
so much of my mom.
My first teacher...
She taught me to read, drive a car
put on make-up
Start a fire
Cut up a chicken
Sew (sorry mom I don't do that
well at all)
Cook breakfast in a paper bag
Tie a square knot
That it is OK to play with
your children
Dust and clean house
Throw a soft ball
Love flowers
Haul wood

That a WOMAN can do
anything she sets her
Mind too.

Happy Mother's Day
to all Mother's

1 comment:

  1. Oh lemay what a sweet and very thoughtful touching post...I miss my mother so much and will be thinking about you this Sunday as you gather with your ladies...
    Big soft hugs, Karla


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