Friday, May 4, 2012

Free Marie Antoionette Etching Image Plus Where Did April Go

Oh my goodness..
Is it May already?
This last month has gone by
so fast..I realized last night
that I have neglected my blogs.

Both my stores
Etsy and EBay
have been doing really
well (oh bad grammar
Etsy is just keeping me
I had my 212th sale yesterday
It has been such a wonderful

New products I have
added..along with the
wonderful vintage items

Vintage Inspiration Tri Fold Packs
All of the pieces in the packs are
Vintage and Antique

All of the pieces come
from my own vast collection
Vintage skeleton keys, beads, crystals
Charms..Watch parts
Mother of Pearl, Bakelite Buttons
Rhinestones..Fur clips...Sparkly
Scatter Pins..
You get the idea...
They are on a tri fold card that
I have designed and made..
These look great left on the cards
and displayed
or have been designed to remove
and use.
So far I have 5 sets in my store
1 is a Art Deco theme with some
fantastic chrome alphabet letters
The other four are very VVictorian in feel
These kits are perfect for
a jewelry project..or glue book journal
Maybe a card...or tags.
Mixed media or altered art assemblage.

I also have added some really
fun music paper shred.
This shred is made from
Yep..Vintage music paper
that I have hand dyed in an
assortment of colors.
I love it for a different look
in many things you
can use it for.

Two more items
then I am going to be done showing
you what I have been working on.
I will give you a free image for
sticking around lol

Tiny porcelain roses.
Both are limited quantity.
The pink roses have been selling well
I think there may be 6 tubes left
in all.
The white roses are so amazing.
You can color them yourself.
Annny thing you want.
They look great with a spritz of
one of the Ranger inks.


Hand Dyed vintage paper packs
I love the flowers you can make with
this delightful old paper
that I have dyed in wonderful spring
Just punch out..maybe add some shading and layer.

Are you still here?  I know this is a long
post..So much to catch up on.

Last but not least.
I have been adding neat found objects
into my Etsy store for your projects.
Old glass bottles, silver baby cups, spoons
shadow boxes.
Books, Buttons, Beads

Now..If would just pop down to the bottom of the
page I have a free image for you


This etching is very large
I was only able to take one small
piece of it..I will try to marry the
pieces together so you can see
the whole image
but for now
This is Marie Antoinette
She is churning butter
and at her feet is a little spaniel
who is jumping on her skirts.
The etching is from the scrapbook
I have dated 1820 London
The original piece is 14 inches wide
by 16 inches long
It is glued to a page and folded in half
So....It will take some time to re-construct
but very much worth it.
I hope you enjoy her.

Thank you for coming by today
and letting me share my projects with you.
I hope you come by and visit me at
the store soon!


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  1. wow your products are wonderful and loving your beautiful samples. x


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