Thursday, February 2, 2012

Free Image Friday Vintage French Lace PNG Image Lavender

A couple of years ago
I found this 9 inch strip of
French Lace
It makes a great accent piece.
I have given it a little color.
Happy Friday

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  1. Hello dear Lamay...oh what a beautiful package arrived with my altered Valentine tin in it!!! It is so creative and I adore it! It will be displayed each year because it so perfectly fits in with my vintage style. Thank you so very much for all the wonderful scrap you included and the soft ribbons....oh and the CHOCOLATES!!!!! They are the yummies I have ever tasted and I love the flavors you chose. What a pretty pendant you that a game token of some sort? I adore Paris... It has been such a pleasure to swap with you and to get to meet you. I look forward to many more wonderful images coming from your design table. Thank you again so very much...XOXO


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