Monday, February 21, 2011

Quiet Monday Mornings Are For Memories

     Last week while I was puttering around sorting and cleaning in my studio I opened
    a drawer in my vanity.  (My studio is one of our extra bedrooms...So it has some of my
    family  antiques serving double duty)  It is full of old love letters from my husband.  Pictures and
    mementos.  I have tried over the years to keep all my family and Jer's photo's together and
    more organized.  I really don't want them getting mixed up with any of the vintage photo's I
   collect for art or re-sale.  So when I saw these three and a few more I pounced and got them put
    away.  But not before I scanned them into the computer and had a chance to share them.  These
    pictures are all from my side of the family.  The top photo is of my dad Robert and his
    grandmother Ainge. I loved her name...She looks so unhappy and severe in this picture.  But
    the woman I knew was sweet and delightful.  She had a wonderful laugh.  I was really lucky to
    have had her in my life also and for so long.  

    The second picture is of the covered bridge on to Kiger Island Oregon.  My grandparents and
     mom went over that bridge for years to and from their farm before it had to be finally taken
     down.  As kids my sister and cousins and I would fish from the new bridge...our fish always fell
     off the hook before we got them up it...Silly kids. It is quite a lug to get your canoe or boat up
    from the river right there too...

    The last picture is of my grandfather Delbert Hathaway with his bees.  He was a beekeeper   and a farmer
    This is pretty late in his life..mid 80's I would guess from my memories.  He kept our whole
    family in honey and passed on to quiet a few of us the love of bees.  Sadly I can't handle them
    because I am so allergic.  But if you have ever had the pleasure of standing out in the hives.
    It is hard to describe.  Warm summer air....heavy with the harvest coming..the bees coming and
    going as fast as they can...Around my grandfather as you can see in the pictures...They became
    quiet and lazy..He used the smoker to calm them down..but if he was out with them alone he
    usually didn't need it.  Those bees loved him.

    Anyway...Some of my family photos and I wanted to share them before I tucked them away


  1. I LOVE all your family photos! Sooooooo great to have them. The story of your Grandfather as a Bee Keeper was grand! I would love to experience that. But, I too am so very allergic. Have a great week & thank you for sharing your photos. HUGS!

  2. And the smell as you neared the hive on a warm summer day! I loved when he'd open one up and break off a piece of waxy goodness for us to suck and chew on! Dripping from his fingers to ours, down our chins...I know he delighted in that as much as we did :o) Love ya, Seestor!


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