Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Do Your Crochet? Free Vintage Crochet Patterns Collars and Yokes

All homecrafts that
elude me.
My sewing is still done
by hand (no machines for this gal)
I remember my mother
and her sisters pouring over patterns
They made all our baby clothes
and blankets
Later sweaters and hats
mittens and slippers.
I treasure those wonderful hand
made gifts.
This hat pattern brings to mind
the bed caps we have from my
Great Grandmothers trunks.
It used to give my sister and I giggles
when we would dress up.
Just think...Wearing hats to bed.
How silly.

I have found a wonderful old pattern magazine
full of crochet patterns for
yokes and collars
Over the last two days
I have been posting them over on my other
So...if you crochet..or tat
come over and get some wonderful
I will post a few more here also.
I really love that these
are printed in blue on a
white background
not black.

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